Bella Blue and Malibu

Sept 2013 … I got the call… she was mine!! That little, scared blue pup was going to be all mine! I knew that Malibu (formally Stella) was very timid, but we were not expecting her to be quite so scared. When Kari and Rene brought her to us she was really attached to Rene & even though almost all dogs come to me, this one was very afraid. The first few weeks we had to sit on the couch or the stairs for her to even come to us… she preferred us to be at her level. We could not bend down and pet her or pick her up as she would just run away. Even giving a treat, the trust had to be earned.. she would not take it without backing away (the never turn your back on anyone street smarts). She was terrified of the broom and any loud noises made her jump and find a place to hide. After lots of snuggles, patience, treats and love this little pup started to trust and she slowly came out of her shell. She never really had enough experience around other dogs, even though she didn’t mind having a foster or two come for a visit, we could see the difference in her a quickly realized that she needed a companion, a sister!! We picked Bella Boo (formally Dot) from the airport in Feb of 2014, knowing she would never leave my side again.. yup… FOSTER FAIL!! They bonded quickly and Bella Boo seemed to understand the “How to Be a Dog” logic.. so this little 3.8 lb pup became a leader and a dog emerged out of Malibu! Who knew this little squeaky pup had a voice!!!! She never chewed on any bones, played with any toys or even liked going for walks.. .not the case today!! These two are hilarious constantly chasing each other, wrestling, chewing and fighting over nylon bones, never a dull moment! Isn’t it amazing how love can be so life changing? I picture these dogs at one point wandering, with empty bellies, little souls filled with fear of passing cars and people who don’t care enough to save them… but Cheryl did. It really breaks my heart to know we can’t save them all!!!


I want to thank Kari, Rene & Cheryl and everyone at Calican for giving my girls a second chance!! I love these two little dogs like human babies… they are very spoiled and loved beyond all belief!!