My brother adopted from CaliCan in the summer of 2012 and he had a great experience so I decided to go through them when I was ready for my pup. I adopted Billy in February of 2013. The actual adoption process was great. CaliCan was there to support me through all of my questions and concerns, even after I’d officially adopted my pup – I can’t tell you how much I appreciated their support (and still do)! They truly do care about each and every dog who comes into their care.


When I got Billy, he was very timid, he was afraid of everything and everyone. He also had severe separation anxiety whenever I would leave him alone. What a difference a year can make! I’m happy to say that he is now thriving and one of the happiest of pups you’ll ever meet – he actually smiles! He comes to work with me and the office ladies love him, he plays with his cousin Henry (my brother’s CaliCan pup) when we have family events and he enjoys at least 3 walks a day. All of these have helped him put on some healthy weight and muscle. He easy to train, he loves the off leash dog park and he can do some pretty fun tricks! He’s still a little skittish when he doesn’t know what to expect or when he hears loud noises but he’s improved so much and he’s simply amazing! He’s the absolute best pup I could ever ask for and I have CaliCan to thank for that!