Hello! We adopted Cheddar from Calican on July 22, 2013.  He is  the best thing that's ever happened to my kids, my 3 boys love him unconditionally. It took awhile for Cheddar to warm up to my husband and my 3 kids but he bonded with me (Mom) instantly. He follows me everywhere I go. Until now, even when he's sleeping and I go out of the bedroom, he gets up and follows me.  Cheddar sleeps on his bed at night but a little after 11pm he always cries and moves to our bed.  He loves human food. We occasionally give him rice, chicken and veggies. His favourite food is cheese......and of course, meat!   Cheddar now adores my husband, Brad! Every time he sees my husband lying on the couch or on the bed, he excitedly jumps on him and licks his mouth and face.  One time my youngest son had a temper tantrum while eating lunch. He laid down on the kitchen floor crying (with his mouth open and food in his mouth). Cheddar started sniffing my son and took the food from his mouth....hahahah! That's our Cheddar!

We thank Calican for choosing our family for Cheddar.  He already stole our hearts the moment we saw him on the website. He was on a trial visit with another family and thank heavens it didn't work out for them.  He's the best that's ever happened to us! Thank you Calican!

Prostebby family