May we present Dobrificus Hagrid Sharan-Stickel for your viewing pleasure. That may sound like quite the moniker for such a small dog, but our Dobby’s great personally can only be summed up by an equally great name.

Like many of Cali-Can’s rescues, Dobby (or as he was known then ‘Getoffmylawn) grew up on the mean streets of Fresno. We imagine it was there that he learned how to keep his wits about him, look both ways before crossing the street, and the perfect ‘give me treats’ puppy-dog face.

The past few months have been incredible. When you open your home and your heart to and animal, the gratitude and joy they will show you comes back 10 fold. We've taught Dobby how to 'stay,' tolerate cats, and not pee inside (work in progress). He has taught us patience, how to cuddle, and how to love without limit. Dobby has experience many firsts while in Canada. His first snowfall, which was an uncomfortable mix of terror and fascination. His first road trip to meet his grandma (as my Mother now refers to herself as). And, of course, his first king sized bed, which he has claimed as his own.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have such a cuddly little guy in our lives, and encourage anyone who is considering adopting a dog to consider Cali-Can.