A Day in the life of Lily


I open my eyes in my nice snug kennel.  The sun is just starting to stream in through the window, and I know that soon my Dad will be up to come and get me.  I yawn, and then stretch, kicking out each back leg and then I curl up into a little ball to wait.  In the next kennel, my brother Jake and sister Daisy are snuggled up together.  They have always been inseparable, but that’s ok.  This way I get a kennel all to myself and I can bring my special squeaky bone in too.  That bone makes a great pillow. 


Sure enough, my Dad comes walking down the stairs and I stand up, tail up and waiting.  He opens the kennel doors and all three of us run to the back door.  The first trip outside is cold, but not as cold as it was the first day that I got here!  There was some crazy white stuff that day and it was higher that I was!  But not today.  Today is chilly but still green so I hurry up and do my business and then I run upstairs.  My brother Jake has already beaten me there and is snuggled up with my Mom.  She gets out of bed and picks me and Daisy, who has finally gotten upstairs, into bed with her. We all have our snuggle places:  Jake curls into Mom’s back, Daisy cuddles in the front, and I like to snuggle up under the blankets by Mom’s legs.  We never stay that long as Mom always has something to do, so we warm up and then have some playtime.  I like it when Mom makes funny noises at me and rubs my tummy.  I roll on my back and scratch at the air with glee. 


The rest of the morning is spent following Mom around.  She cleans the house and does her gardening.  While she’s busy, I notice that Jake is curled up on a blanket.  This is, of course, completely unacceptable so I jump up and sit on top of him.  He jumps back and snarls at me, showing me his teeth.  This is exactly the reaction that I am looking for.  I know that he won’t actually hurt me, so I start pawing his face to make him madder.  He’s so funny when he’s mad!  Then I jump down and he starts chasing me around the house.  This gets Daisy upset (she’s always been a little jealous of me) and she starts chasing us too, barking all the way.  She tries to get in between us, but Jake and I continue to wrestle, and jump over her if she gets in the way.  Mom stops working to watch us and laugh.  Then she comes and sits down and we all try to pile on her lap at the same time.  It’s cold out today, so she throws a blanket over all of us and we sit there together and watch TV.


Mom looks at the clock and gets up again.  I know what time it is now!  She goes over to the kitchen and starts pulling vegetables out of the fridge.  I am hoping that she pulls out some carrots, and sure enough I see them!  She chops up her veggies and as she does, she makes sure to drop a few carrots for Jake, Daisy and I.  I never tried these things before I got here, but boy do I sure like them!  I watch for Daisy to drop hers, and then when she’s not looking I snap it up.  She gives me a withering look and then goes and gives Mom the sad eyes.  Mom laughs and cuts an extra carrot for her.


Dad comes home and this is my favorite time!  I’m a bit of a Daddy’s girl, so I am really excited to see him.  Mom feeds everybody dinner and while she’s cleaning up, Dad sits down on the couch to watch TV.  I race to his lap and give him happy kisses, and he pets my back and makes funny noises at me.  Then Mom joins us and we all sit together and relax for the rest of the night.  Then Dad says “Sleepytime!” and Jake and Daisy run to their kennel.  I roll on my back and wag my tail.  This always gets me an extra hug and kiss goodnight.


My life is so great; I can barely remember what it was like before.  I know that I was cold and hungry but I get so much love here that I have forgotten what it was like.  I am what you would call spoiled!


I am so glad that I found my furever family!  Thanks CaliCan for bringing me to them!


Love Lily