The storey of our little Lucy,

We were a one dog family. My wife Melanie already had our 2 year old Yorkie-Pom Bella when we met and the three of us were one happy family.

We had a family gathering in Calgary to attend so we were looking for someone to watch over Bella while we were away.

Our friends Stephanie and Anthony (Calican foster pawrents) graciously volunteered to take care of Bella for the weekend.

Upon dropping her off, a very happy chihuahua met us at the door. We were told her name was Iris and she was a rescue dog from California that needed a home.
She was so cute and I knew her and Bella what get along great that weekend, so we dropped her off without a thought.

That night Stephanie and Anthony sent us photos of Bella and Iris cuddling up and playing together. "They are inseparable" we were told, "wouldn't leave each others side".

It was then my wife Melanie asked "Maybe we could adopt Iris?". I still had those cute little puppy eyes on my mind so I said "we will sleep on it".

The next morning I awoke to "so can we keep her" and I knew Melanie had already fell in love. Melanie and I went and picked up all the puppy supplies we would need on the way home from Calgary. I had agreed to a one week trial.

One the drive home we felt that Iris looked more like a Lucy to us so we would try a name change. This puppy was given a new chance, a new name seemed appropriate.

Once we picked up the puppies, Lucy sat up front with us. "So can we keep her?" Melanie asked. I looked over to respond with "Maybe" when I looked down and saw little Lucy, with her chin resting on the Center console looking up at me and I just melted. "Of course we can" I said.

Fast forward two years and we can't imagine life without our little Lucy. "Chew" as we like to call her sometimes has brought us so much joy. Her and Bella are the best of friends and still won't leave each other.

Lucy has become our snuggle buddy, always down to watch a movie or hockey game. She still hates the cold however we did catch her playing in the snow a few times this past winter.

Our "little California girl" stole out hearts and we are so thankful to Calican, Stephanie and Anthony for allowing us to fall in love with this special puppy.

We don't choose them, they choose us.

Tim, Melanie, Bella, Lucy