Macy and Nova

Macy is (and always has been) a bit of an odd duck. She is standoffish when she firsts meets new people, but once you get to know her...she is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She is a huge suck that loves sleeping under the covers with her nose burrowed in the blankets. She is a sucker for belly rubs and a good ear scratch. Macy is the queen of cuddles, she will lay in bed with you all day if you're sick. Since I've gotten her in 2011, she has gotten a lot more grey around her eyes but she sure hasn't lost her attitude. When she sits in the sunshine (her favorite activity) she closes her eyes into little slits and looks like Yoda (one of her many nicknames). She really enjoys sitting outside by the fire wrapped up in a blanket. She still does tricks like she did in her adoption video, like chase her tail when she gets excited and does a little "bow-woo-woo" when she is happy to see you. Macy is very particular when it comes to her meals, and she will only eat her food like a princess sitting on the couch. Macy brings so much joy to us every single day, and I am so thankful for Calican and the "last chance flight" that brought Macy into our home!

Nova (short for Supernova) is bonkers (in the best possible way)! She is the strangest little dog. We like to joke and say that she is a big dog in a little body. She will eat anything that you give her, including pickles! We haven't given her anything that she has refused. She is full of energy and loves to chase the laser like a cat (Macy will join for about 2 minutes, but then she figures out where the laser is coming from and will just attack your hand instead. We can see who the older, wiser dog is). She destroys toys on the daily, we have figured out that she can't really have any sort of cloth toy last longer than a day. She loves to go to the park and run like the wind! She is getting much better and listening and walking well on a leash. Her attention span still may be a little short, especially when she is watching the pet bunny next door! Nova likes to sleep under the covers too, and will lick your face in the middle of the night when she wants back under the blankets after drinking (very loudly) from the water bowl. She is a troublemaker, but you look at her sweet face and you just can't be mad at her for long. She is so quirky and gets a lot of attention. She is so friendly with other people and dogs, its hard NOT to notice her! We are so grateful for Nova even though she causes a few headaches now and then, because she is the happiest, sweetest dog you'll every meet. She doesn't have one mean bone in her body. She is full of love.

We have to thank Calican so much for bringing Macy and Nova up from California. There is no way we could have found dogs that fit into our family better than these two.

Jenna, Bree, Macy and Nova