Panda and Hallie

After losing our sweet beagle to a lengthy illness, our little Tawny (left) was depressed and truly wasn't enjoying life. We fostered regularly, but no other dogs could get Tawny to play again... Until we fostered Panda (center) in September 2012, a tiny Chihuahua who was nervous and timid, thus earning the nick name "Little Mouse". Once Panda settled in and gained some confidence, we discovered that she brought our Tawny back to life! So Panda became our first CaliCan foster fail. Kari and I made arrangements to complete the adoption (paperwork and fees) at the airport, where I was to pick up two more fosters - Pumpkin and Hallie - as they came in on the Halloween flight. 


Hallie (right) was one of the skinniest, most terrified pups I've ever met (and fostering for years - some extreme cases, I've seen a lot of very scared dogs) As the weeks and months went by, and a few people inquired about adopting her, I realized that I couldn't let Hallie go to another home.


So, here we are. Almost two years later. Panda is no longer a "Little Mouse", though the nickname still stands. The smallest of 5 dogs (ranging all the way to a 125 pound Great Dane), she rules over her castle in true Chihuahua style! Hallie (AKA Baby Bear) has come such a long way. Very gradually, one baby step at a time, she has learned that it is safe - and FUN - to go for a walk through the neighborhood, sleep on our bed, play chase in the back yard and she does an amazing happy dance at feeding time twice a day. There are still people in our home who can not touch her - and no stranger is allowed to get close. Where any change in the home used to set back any progress for days, she now takes only a few minutes (after things return to normal) to recover from such stresses as furniture being moved, having her nails trimmed or visitors to our home. But this confidence thing is a constant work in progress. And our Hallie has all the time in the world to learn at her own pace.


Thanks to Calican for saving these sweet girls and bringing them home to us!


The Hertel Family