HELLO!!!! OMG YOU'RE LOOKING AT ME? AT ME??? YAY! That's the most exciting thing ever! (Leo, calm, calm dude! They are looking at you - let's start telling them about you!)


Okay - I'm an 8 years young and 12 lb miniature pinscher pup looking for a loving, patient, active furever family! I host all the traits of a min-pin, in that I will identify you pretty quickly as my guardian and be protective of you, always by your side. If something is out of the ordinary or my comfort zone, I'm pretty vocal about that - but that's good, right? I love to cuddle and snuggle my person (or persons), and if given the chance, I'd do it ALL DAY LONG. So if you're a Sunday Football kind of guy, I'm your guy!


I have had positive experiences with other dogs in doggy daycare, including overnight and dogs of all sizes. I do well with an enclosed off leash dog park / daycare, but would likely run if given off leash unsecured privileges. While I'm on a leash, I am great! I love to meet new dogs and people. I don't necessarily play with toys, but give me a granola bar box or milk carton or toilet paper roll and I'm all for it! Especially if you stuff them with treats for me to work out. Okay okay I'll be honest - I can be a bit protective of my toys and treats if I'm super into them, so I may be likely to nip/bite - but I'm sure I can be trained of this too. I'm told I'm super intelligent (aren't all dogs?) so stimuli will be a great thing for me.


Okay, so the not so good stuff. I mentioned I LOVE my people. Sometimes that's to a fault, where I do struggle with some separation anxiety and I really am sorry for that. I don't like being kenneled, and will bark a LOT and even destroy the crate, and hurt myself in the process. I sorry. I don't mean to. I just miss you a ton. I bet though, since I'm of above-super-doggy-intelligence, that I can be taught with force free trainers!


My adoption fees are $300. I have been seen by a vet and told I'm the cutest thing ever - as well as tricked into a dental (although, I admit my teeth are shiny and lovely now), vaccines updated, and microchipped. I have also had some visits to a doggy daycare, and am working on socializing. If you're interested in further helping me, I'd love for you to fill out an application. If you have already done so, as well as have had the interview, please email calicanrescue@gmail.com. If you have NOT yet done the application or interview please go to http://www.calicanrescue.com/adoptionapplication


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