What a great experience, for our first rescue!!!

Kari and Rene took all of our questions without hesitation, they’re both kind and considerate and very helpful. It feels good to not only save a dog but dealing with the logistics of it all was made easy with Calican. They helped us to understand the process and have it as fair as possible to both dogs and people; I’d do this again with Calican for sure �

I totally recommend!!! I did not have this type of experience with the other organization I had inquired with.

Kerstyn Sorenson - January 30, 2018

I am so thankful for CaliCan and their dedication to ensuring that innocent, furry little lives have the very best chance for the wonderful future they deserve. I'll never forget the moment when Kari phoned me to tell me she thought Daisy and I would be a great match. I bawled. I still get emotional when I think about how much this sweet little girl has brought to my life. We truly rescued each other, and I feel so blessed to be a part of the CaliCan family.

Lee Luyben-Switzer - January 30, 2018

We adopted two pups from Calican and the service they provided was top notch. They made sure that my family was the right fit for the pups they had and we instantly fell in love with the pups we adopted. Within an hour of having our trial visit with the first pup we adopted, I was asking if we could forego the trial period...that’s how good they are at selecting a forever family for these rescued dogs. 

Keep up the great work!!

Shauna Wing - January 30, 2018

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