"Free to a good home"

We didn't want to post this here, but we had no choice. Initially, this was placed as an ad on Kijiji, but it only took them 15 minutes to delete it.

The reason we posted it was to provide education to those who think it's a good idea to get pets for free from sites like Kijiji. By no means are we talking negative about Kijiji - We just want to get people thinking before responding to those ads.

Here's what we posted:

We just wanted to thank whoever gave up on our sweet dog, Mabel, so many times. We're sure she was passed around on Kijiji more than once. When we got her, we were told she was quite old, but it was hard to tell because the teeth she had left were rotten. She also had an enlarged heart and liver, and was developing Cushing's Disease.

What she didn't have was a mean bone in her body. She had so much love for us in the short time we had with her. Our other dogs absolutely loved her as well.

We brought her in to our home early February and had to say goodbye on May 9. Her final weekend was spent with extra cuddles, hugs and treats from friends and family far and wide. Her breathing was laboured and she could barely walk straight without falling over. But she was loved. If she was loved the rest of her life, she would never had been given away for free.

Mabel didn't deserve any pain that she developed after years of neglect. People kept giving her up because of her age or medical needs. If she had regular care and vet checks, she would have had so many more years left in her!

When you reply to a "Free to a Good Home" ad on Kijiji, please be serious about taking that pet into your home. It's a worthwhile commitment. Pets like Mabel just want to be loved. These dogs (and other animals) get bounced around so much, they eventually end up in animal rescues, which also means these rescues have to make the decision to spend excessive amounts of money or to be heartbroken by having to make the decision for euthanasia. This is not fair to rescues or the animals.

In closing, we really DO thank whoever gave up on her. We thank you for giving us a chance to LOVE Mabel. She changed our lives and we only wished she changed yours.

PLEASE support your local animal rescue/shelter. So many need homes. When you get a dog free from Kijiji, you could also be paying for much more.