Mabel's Journey

The end of February this year, we received a text message from our friend, Charlee at Charlee's Angels for the Animals. Charlee was hoping to find a rescue to take in this sweet girl, Mabel. Mabel spent most of her life bounced around and eventually ended up with Charlee.

In Charlee's words:

"I was contacted from a follower of my Charlee's Angels for the Animals page. This person just got a free dog from to Kijiji but within a day realized there was something seriously wrong and the vet bills would be too high for the new owner to manage. I immediately contacted my friends at CaliCan Rescue. When I told them of this senior dog's situation, they knew it would be expensive because of her age, had bad teeth, breathing troubles and was quite bloated, but CaliCan said yes. The owner agreed to surrender Mabel and meet me at Albany Vet clinic. I met her to pick up Mabel and Dr C from Albany did an initial exam and sent some pills with us. I took the sweet little girl to few blocks away to Kari and Rene's (founders of CaliCan). The minute little Mabel waddled out of the kennel, I believe it was love at first sight for both of the founders of CaliCan Rescue. The plan was to get her to good health to adopt out. After a week, they realized this would never happen. A move from her current home would make her more sick. She was developing Cushing's Disease. They also learned she had an enlarged heart and liver. CaliCan decided to give Mabel a forever foster retirement home".

We knew our home would be Mabel's last stop, but we didn't expect her time with us to be so short. We were fully prepared to address her Cushing's Disease and her respiratory issues - We weren't prepared for her sudden neurological distress. On May 2, she suddenly started walking in circles, had a hard time drinking water and has barely had an appetite. When she walked, she constantly fell over.

We didn't want to give up on her, not yet. So many of our wonderful supporters donated to help Mabel get better, but it wasn't working. She's gone through so many cycles of antibiotics, IV treatments, x-rays, cardiology tests, and a few home remedy attempts (sitting with her in the bathroom with the shower blasting hot water creating a steam room). Nothing worked.

Mabel's time with us will be coming to an end tomorrow. It's the toughest thing we've ever had to go through while CaliCan has been around. While Mabel wasn't an affectionate or playful girl, you could tell she loved us. She loved being held. You could tell she was finally content where she was. She loved our boys and even had attitude towards our Petey (which was hilarious...he didn't seem to mind at all because he loved her!).