News from our Junior Fundraising Coordinator

Operating a volunteer-run organization has it's challenges. But when you get volunteers as dedicated and wonderful as our Junior Fundraising Coordinator, Zoe...well, it's just an amazing chance to work with a young lady who has tremendous future opportunities ahead of her.

Zoe is planning to go to school to be a vet. Animals are her entire world, especially dogs. We first met Zoe and her Mom about a year and a half ago at an adoption event we were holding. She was so excited to meet us and wanted to sign up to volunteer. With permission from her mom, they filled out an application. Zoe attended a couple of adoption events, a couple of flights, and even hosted a very successful lemonade/iced tea stand at our BBQ last year!

But Zoe didn't feel she was doing enough for CaliCan. She wanted to really bring awareness and believes that you have to start early to make a difference. So she worked with us to brain storm ideas. She landed on the idea of doing a presentation about CaliCan rescue to her brother's elementary school. Zoe spent weeks planning and preparing a presentation, working with the principal and school administrators, and developing a program of sorts for June 1.

We were extremely honoured to stand next to this dynamic young lady to support her presentation. Zoe did such an amazing job, especially as this was her first public speaking venture ever! CaliCan is incredibly proud of her for this accomplishment. Not only did she do a presentation, but she planned and executed a fundraiser for us! Zoe delivered to every class at Ecole Father Jan school a letter. On that letter was a paw print. Every student was encouraged to bring that paw print to the office to affix to a giant bone, with a donation to CaliCan of any size. A donation jar has been set up at the school, and we are so excited at the response this has already gotten even just from the teachers.

Zoe - you're a fantastic young lady, whom we are honoured to have a part of the CaliCan team. We are excited to see what you have in store for the CaliCan pups as you continue to develop more talents and skills through your teen years. Thank you for all you do for CaliCan and especially for the little rescue dogs like your BFF, the sweet poodle also (and aptly) named Zoe!