Edith's Story

HAPPY UPDATE: Edith is off for a trial visit on September 5! Wish her luck!

In March 2015, we were approached to help a small silky/yorkie mix who was rescued from a puppy mill in Alberta. She was only used for breeding and had no positive interactions with people. She was raised in a pig barn, on pig slats, and forced to breed. We don’t know how many litters she has had, but she spent almost 6 years there.

Edith was named for the woman who rescued her! Edith (the pup) was no longer useful to the puppy mill...we are not going to go into much details as to what that would have meant for Edith, but the woman who saved her offered $40 to take her and keep her safe. That was what she was worth to the puppy mill.

Edith went to a wonderful Foster Mom, Laurel, who has 2 previously adopted CaliCan dogs. Rosie and Rambo took to being Foster Siblings to Edith very well. Edith was very nervous of human interaction. She did allow her Foster Mom (Laurel) to pet her and give her belly rubs, but she was quite wary.

As Laurel, Rosie, and Rambo worked with Edith, they quickly learned that she enjoyed being outside and figured out that playing with dogs was about one of the greatest experiences ever. She became pretty good about doing “her business” outside within a little more than a week. Edith struggled with leash training – it was terrifying for her, and even now putting a harness and leash on “can be a little hairy”, as Laurel describes.

With patient and loving supports from Laurel, Rosie, and Rambo, this little gal has really started to come out of her shell. The big test for her was our July 18 Summer Celebration BBQ event, where she came out and met new people, new dogs, and experienced a whole new situation. No surprise, Edith handled it like the champ she is!

In only 4.5 months, Edith has made great strides but will continue to need support from a new adoptive family. Edith is a lucky little dog with a lot of gumption! We attribute a lot of her success to her Foster home, but ever so much more to her spirit. She is a dog that wants nothing more than to find a comfortable spot on the couch next to a loving family.

To prepare herself for her big news of being AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION, Edith went for a photoshoot with the equally talented as she is generous, Erin with Pawsitive Tails Photography

When you see that "little doggy in the window", chances are they came from a horrible place like where Edith came from. Instead of giving your money to a puppy mill, we STRONGLY urge you to support your local rescue. When the puppy mills have no use for dogs like Edith, they usually end up at the rescues or shelters (we hope) and come with many issues, including medical, which can diminish a rescues bank account. When you donate to rescues, all money goes towards helping dogs. When you give your money to a puppy mill, all money goes towards making more dogs. It only makes sense to support rescue.

Below you'll see the AWESOME photos from Pawisitve Tails Photography. Looking good Edith!

It's going to take a very special home to have a special dog like Edith. CaliCan Rescue's policy has always been "Best Fit" rather than first come first served. We anticipate many applications for this little girl, but there can only be one perfect home for her. Your patience is definitely appreciated!

Edith's adoption profile is available here: http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/13639193-edmonton-alberta-silky-terrier-mix (If you do not see her profile when you click the above link, it's possible she's been adopted already, and that's GREAT!)