2015: CaliCan's Year in Review

2015, WHAT A YEAR! It had so many highlights, and it also came with a few sad times, which gave us the opportunity to learn from. Instead of babbling, here's 2015 in bullet form...


-CaliCan's 400th Dog Saved! Audrey!!

-We celebrated our 5th Anniversary by having the "Dog Hair Affair Gala"! Food, friends and fun!

-Our favorite airline (and the only one we use) donated two passes to anywhere Westjet flies for the purposes of auctioning off!

-Boston Pizza Albany invited the public to "test run" the staff and free food in exchange for tips....tips for CaliCan! They raised just over $3500!!

-Play 4 Paws 2: This Time It's Fur-Sonal! Thanks to our friends and supporters, Play 4 Paws 2 raised just over $2000! Plans for Play 4 Paws 3 are still up in the air. We are hoping it will go ahead in 2016.


-We met a sweet little girl who stole our hearts. Same came to us quite sick, and YOU helped rally to help her get better in forms of monetary donation.

-We named a new Foster Coordinator to the CaliCan Board (Kathleen...aka Tara's Mom) and what an amazing job she's been doing! She's redesigned the whole program and it's been a huge success ever since!


-We had our very first adoption event at Sadie's K9 Play & Stay! The team at Sadie's made our dogs, foster homes, and potential adopters feel very welcome in their facilities. All the adoptables that were present that day received successful applications and went to trial visit the following weekend!


-It was a busy month for local surrenders, including a Boston Terrier named Emily. Prior to us meeting her, she needed to have her back leg removed due to an previous accident that wasn't addressed with.


-In the five years CaliCan has been running, this was by far, the toughest months we've ever had to experience. Mabel was getting more and more sick, and Emily (the Boston Terrier) had a slipped disc in her back. Numerous trips to the vet for both dogs proved to only delay the inevitable. Mabel could no longer stand up, while Emily was constantly screaming from the amount of pain she was in (even on the highest amount of pain killers). Because Emily only had one rear leg, a surgery on her slipped disc wouldn't have been beneficial as she wouldn't have the strength to rehabilitate her back post surgery. On the very same day, in the same vet office, we had to say goodbye to Emily and Mabel.


-Did you know CaliCan has a Junior Fundraising Coordinator on the Board? Her name is Zoe and we absolutely adore her! In June, she held her very own fundraiser at her previous school. Thank you Zoe!


-We had our annual Summer BBQ! It was so great to see so many people out there this year! Each year we have this, it gets bigger and bigger! Pretty soon we'll have to change venues!


-In August, we had the pleasure in meeting 5 local surrenders, ALL needing extensive dental work. Thanks to your donations, we were able to get much needed dental work for all of these pups. If they had waited any longer, serious infections would have resulted (the staff of Albany Veterinary Clinic said it was the worst they've ever seen!)

-That month, we also got to meet Edith - An equally sweet/shy pup who lived her live in a puppy mill. It took MONTHS for her to gain enough confidence before we even considered her to go anywhere other than her amazing foster home. We are happy to report that she is doing AMAZINGLY WELL in her fur-ever home!


-Earlier this year, we partnered with Berkeley's Place, an amazing organization devoted to supporting the efforts of local rescue groups. They hosted a fundraiser and community outreach event at PetValu in Sherwood Park Baseline Road called Mission Pawsible. This was such a fun and successful adoption event and fundraiser event. We had a great deal of fun with Berkeley's Place and meeting knew families and supporters in the meantime.

-We had such a positive experience with Boston Pizza Albany that we wanted to work with them on another fundraiser to help with our Denture Dogs. So Andrea, the General Manager and fellow dog lover, came up with the idea of doing a Barktoberfest pizza party!

-We also got some CRAZY news! YOU voted CaliCan Rescue as the "Best Non-Profit in 2015" in the Vue Weekly "Best of Edmonton 2015 Poll". Never in a million years did we think we'd even be considered! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


-Miko was surrendered to us in October 2013 and had presented with several pretty severe behavioural issues. He went on one trial visit that didn't go so well....until the Spring of 2015 when a lovely family who understood every last one of Miko's issues stepped up and adopted him! It took 2 years for this special guy to find the best fit for him...but once he did, he won the Doggy Lottery!

-The Edmonton Humane Society has been working hard at networking dogs out to the various rescues in Emonton, and they reached out to us to help with a Dachshund/Jack Russell Terrier mix who was not handling the shelter life very well. This cutie pie presented with some aggressive and fear-based tendencies, but went to a foster home that showed him incredible love and patience. We are hopeful in the New Year to announce his trial visit!


-Zumba for a Cause was an amazing FUN-raiser put on by CaliCan's Board of Director Christine! This event brought animal lovers and fitness fans together for causes they believe in. With a 50/50 and various raffle prize draws, Zumba for a Cause also raised some great funds to help further with the vetting of CaliCan pups!

-We had a really cool opportunity present itself to us as we were nominated to participate in the Benefit Brew voting competiion hosted by Phillips Brewing Company. Initially, because somebody was kind enough to nominate us, we received a very generous $500 donation just for participating. However, if we received more votes than the "competitors", we could receive up to $10,000 from the sale of a beer that would be specially brewed for us. We lost to a great cause, and cannot believe we were given this opportunity in the first place.

-Oh? Did we forget to mention? We applied for a $2000 grant from the City of Edmonton....and we won! We can't reveal a lot about what this grant is to be used for except to say that we will have something new to look at, released in January 2016!


-Many people who know us will know that we are regular visitors of Original Joe's Hollick Kenyon. The food is great, but the staff are truly why we go back. Especially because they selected us as their charity to celebrate for Carve for a Caws - which was cleverly changed to "Carve for Paws". Just in the silent auction, that they put together on their own, we were able to raise $3800. We will have the final tally when the cheque arrives from ticket sales - be sure to watch for a post on that!

-Santa Paws

Every year we host Santa Paws and every year YOU never fail to disappoint us with your super cute Christmas-ready pups! We had such a blast this year as Sadie's K9 Stay & Play hosted us and the jolly fellow. Thank you all for taking part in a wonderful FUNraiser.

Other 2015 Noteworthy Details:

- We received two medium sized breeds into care! A blue heeler cattle dog mix and a shepherd bassenji mix. These two were very specially tied to CaliCan.

Gru (now Blue), who is the blue heeler mix, was found during the 18-days-long search for Tara. The family eventually contacted us asking if we could take him in, and having met him and fallen in love with him, knowing other area rescues were also full at that time, we said yes. He is now with the pawrents of our Foster Coordinator!

Harley was surrendered to us with her furbrother Diego, a former CaliCan alum! They were not bonded, but because the group she originally came from didn't exist anymore, we said absolutely. Harley was adopted by a loving home that is excited to have such an energetic and outgoing pup in their lives!

- Our total number of California Intakes came to a whopping 58 lives saved from high kill shelters!

- This year took it's biggest toll on the number of local dogs that needed our help. The total number of local intakes totals 43.

If you're doing your math, you'll see that in 2015, CaliCan was very honoured to help 101 dogs find their very special families and furever afters. We have received an incredible amount of support from all of you, either in donations or fostering or adopting or sharing us.

2015 really showed just how caring this community is, and we cannot wait to see what awaits this group in 2016! We hope you'll still be with us every pawprint of the way.