Gaming for the Dogs 3 - The Aftermath

It took a month of planning, fundraising, and ballot-writing, but everything far exceeded any expectation! The 24 hour video game marathon was a HUGE success!

While this was the third year we’ve run this event, there were a few firsts that took place.

To start, we invited another Edmonton area rescue to a friendly competition. The deal was whichever rescue raised the most funds, the opposing rescue founders would volunteer at the winner’s event of their choosing! Thanks to the Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society (GEARS) for accepting our invite to join us this year. It was a great time and we are happy to see the results from your efforts pay off too!

Secondly, we wanted to further add to the fun of our donors! We collected prizes from various individuals and organizations, which we did a ballot-style raffle. For every $5.00 donated, you would receive a ballot to enter into whichever prize you wanted a chance to win! Every prize received numerous entries, but only one person (per prize) could win. Congratulations to Krysta P, Christine P, Kate H, Bal K, Miles P, Katrina B, Bob S, Jen N, Tyler P, Christine C, Justin B, and Rose F!

Lastly, it was the first time we ever had to raise our fundraising goal not once, not twice, but THREE times! And even after the third time we increased it, the fundraising still exceeded what we were aiming for. This will put us in a position where we can take in a pup without worrying over the financial resources! We raised $5279!!

We want to send a big shout-out to the 7 participants for CaliCan, who stayed up for 24 hours to play assorted video games.

  • Rene Mayer

  • Shawna Iwaniuk

  • Tyler Peterson

  • Steven Adams

  • Bohdan Belzevick

  • Eric Silver

  • Bob Stogrin

You all are champions in our books!

We also want to thank those who donated the prizes that we raffled off!

We will definitely be hosting this event again next year and look forward to signing up even more participants, with the hopes of new firsts, continued traditions, and gaming fun to support animal rescue!

Even though our boys weren't supportive in the ways of STAYING AWAKE, they kept our laps warm most of the time.