The Buffy Bunch

Update: As of September 15, 2016, all of the puppies have either been adopted or placed in trial visit. Their Mom, Buffy is still waiting for a home though!

In early April of this year, we were contacted by an anonymous dog rescuer – a man who devotes his life to helping save the small dogs that get abandoned at his community garbage dump. He gives them a chance at a life – instead of letting them die from the elements, lack of food, or bigger dogs.

He has contacted us in the past about pups that needed our help. We had to say yes! And that same emphatic response was given this last time too. He had a Momma Pup who he had rescued a couple of years ago. He doesn’t have a lot of money, so getting her fixed was not an option. On a couple of occasions when she went into heat, she came back pregnant. He managed to find rescue options for her puppies in those instances, however this time was different.

Buffy was refusing her puppies when they were about 5-6 weeks old. This gentleman had people trying to get the dogs, and he was not comfortable adopting to them, especially with the puppies so young and not vetted. So he contacted us with the hopes we could help. Of course we could!

When we got the puppies and Buffy in, it was clear Buffy required a lot more work to rehabilitate and get her ready for adoption. Her puppies, on the other hand, were super adorable and didn’t seem to have any of the issues Buffy did.

Each puppy was separated from their litter, given to Foster Families who had confident dogs that could help introduce them to various situations and guide them to proper behaviours. Buffy was given to a Foster Family with experience in working with fearful and timid dogs. We didn’t realize that Buffy was fairly close to being considered a feral dog.

Her Foster Family has put in a great deal of time, love, and structure into her. And it's beginning to really show. She doesn't spend every waking minute in her crate anymore, she has started to engage in playing with the resident pup, and sometimes even asks for attention from her Foster Dad. Buffy has also discovered the joy of a good combing - while she still looks terrified, she also has a lot of joy showing through in those moments. She still has a very long way to go, but every day she makes a little bit more progress.

Willow, Spike, Oz, and Xander have done great in their foster families. Willow has been the smallest of the four, not growing a whole lot until very recently. But she has a lot of confidence and sass about her. Xander, Spike, and Oz grew at exponential rates! Spike had to go to a staycation Foster for a week, and the Foster Momma could not believe how much he grew!

For the most part, each puppy is quite confident and eager to explore or learn new things. Oz and Xander are a little wary of things from time to time, but nothing that can't be fixed with positive exposure!

(Photos courtesy of Jordan Urie Photography)

We do not know for sure what each of these puppies are mixed with. And we are assured that Buffy is a Pomeranian/Long Haired Chihuahua. What we do know is each of these pups deserves a home that will love them for every quirk they have, for every struggle they will face, and be prepared for whatever challenges may come – whether it be those common to 6 month old dogs, or those common to dogs who spent so long without proper socialization and exposure.