Videogamageddon 2017 - A SUCCESS!!

Another year, another video game marathon is completed. Last year, we raised just over $5200, which was absolutely amazing! We thought we would be ambitious by raising this years goal to $5500. We asked and pleaded for donations and YOU came through, and then some! By the end of the weekend, we managed to raise $8485!! WOW!

Thank you to everyone who signed up to participate. Team Rocco, Team Diesel, The GenEric Gamer, Team Tyler Hates Staying Up Late, Team Selena, Team CaliCan and Team Lydia. Like last year, we offered prizes as an incentive to donate. We managed to wrangle up 19 awesome prizes thanks to some very special people and companies who donated. And of course, thank YOU for pledging your hard earned dollars to pledge our participants. Each and every dollar donated will go towards our local surrender program. Each dog we get in care can come with a pretty hefty vet bill. An average of $500 to $5000 has been spent on each dog before we put them up for adoption. Our $300 adoption fee doesn't even come close to covering that. This is why fundraisers like Videogamageddon is so important!

Team Lydia had this to say about their experience this year:

We were pretty hesitant about making a team for the video game marathon - after all, 24 hours is a long time to do anything. But as owners of three rescue animals (one dog from CaliCan and two cats from EHS), we know that animals really do help make homes complete.

We set what we thought was an ambitious goal of $500 and sent out the donation link to all of our friends, family and co-workers. Our team ended up raising $2520! We are very thankful to everyone that donated and got others to donate!

Here is an overview of our 24 hours.

On March 18th at 9:00AM, we set out to play video games for 24 hours with about three days worth of snacks at our disposal. The first eight hours were pretty good. We played Marvel Lego Avengers and beat it (obviously). All of our pets and especially our CaliCan dog, Lydia, were super happy. They were able to come and get a copious amount of couch cuddles.

Around 2:00AM, it started getting pretty tough to stay awake and to focus. It even got hard to decide what to play. This is also when our pets decided it wasn't as fun anymore and that we should go to bed. At 4:00AM, we had our friend check in on us on twitch, she wanted to make sure we were still awake and keeping our promises. Around 6:00AM is when we both started to feel sick and tired and I was frequently doing the head bob. I can't say that I remember much of the last few hours - mostly that we were tired and cranky and ready to sleep.

By the time 9:00AM rolled around, we were so ready to go to bed and immediately walked over and fell asleep.

Overall, the whole fundraiser made an impressive $8,485, becoming CaliCan's most successful fundraiser yet!!! It makes all the tiredness worth it!

We also asked the teams these questions:

1. What made you decide to sign up and play?

Team Rocco: I had the time and Bruiser's final journey posts (writers note: Bruiser was our own "foster fail" who passed away from Cancer this past January. We miss him every day).

Team Eric: I'll do pretty much anything to fundraise for CaliCan, and I love gaming.

Team Tyler: I like video games and I want to help dogs. Seemed to make sense!

Team CaliCan: It only makes sense for us to participate because we founded CaliCan!

2. Do you have any advice for those who want to participate next year?

Team Rocco: Rest up, Get up and stretch EVERY hour, Make sure to plan meals

Team Eric: Don't do it! Ha, kidding, drink lots of water and change games/position on the couch often. Variety helps the time pass.

Team Tyler: Drink lots of water and take frequent breaks — get up for 5 minutes to walk around, stretch, get fresh air, chat with a loved one, cuddle your pet.

Team CaliCan: Drink lots of water, don't have too much caffeine, stretch regularly, move positions (my shoulders ended up VERY sore by the end of it), step outside from time to time for fresh air, and don't play Rockband (it makes your eyes tired!)

3. What was the toughest part about participating?

Team Rocco: The last hour is killer.

Team Eric: staying interested in playing. If you have any online friends it makes it a lot better.

Team Tyler: Staying awake for 24 hours! And being disruptive to my household. This isn’t a normal weekend for me or for my spouse :)

Team CaliCan: Hours 2:30am to 6:30am when the world was asleep. Our dogs were passed out on the couch and I had to be quiet for the rest of the household.

4. What games did you play?

Team Rocco: Titanfall 2 and Horizon zero dawn

Team Eric: Wild arms 3, the division, Destiny

Team Tyler: Hearthstone, The Stanley Parable, FTL: Faster Than Light, and Overwatch.

Team CaliCan: Gears of War 4, The Walking Dead, NBA Jam, Overwatch.

5. What did you eat and drink?

Team Rocco: Yogurt and fruit, singapore noodles and spring rolls, lots of water and tea and biscuits.

Team Eric: lots of water and fruit to start, then it just naturally progressed to wine and beer and chips. Then back to healthy stuff