"No Dogs Available"

We understand you're eager to adopt a pup, and are immediately let down when you come to our website and see there are "No Dogs Available". We would like to explain why you see this time to time on our site.

It doesn't mean we've decided to sit on our hands and take a break from everything. Actually, it's quite the opposite. We have MANY dogs in care at any given time. The difference is the dogs we do have aren't quite ready for adoption. They are with loving foster homes overcoming fears, grasping house training, and any other behaviors that we wouldn't want to put on the adopter. Our ultimate goal for the CaliCan pups is for their next stop to be their last stop. If we adopt out a dog to a family that isn't ready for a pup that still needs to learn some house manners, or even heal from any illnesses or surgeries they had to get prior to being posted as adoptable, we'd hate to put that stress on the family AND the dog. Having a dog get bounced around can reset any progress made. That's why we work carefully with our foster homes to make sure their foster pups are ready for adoption when they feel they are ready.

All we ask is for your patience and understanding. We care about the dogs and we care about making families happy with their prospective pup.