Sookie and Butters

I had waited my whole life to get a dog of my very own, and when the time finally came for me to get one, I looked around and pondered whether to adopt or shop through a breeder. This is when I saw CaliCan on Google. I read all about how they rescued small breed dogs from California and brought them to Canada, which to me, was the most generous and precious means of saving lives, which without their help, might not be saved at all. I knew then and there that I wanted to adopt through CaliCan. So in 2011, about 4 months following my application and extensive communication with CaliCan, Sookie came into my life. A scruffy little terrier-chihuahua mix full of spunk and gentleness, my dream dog, whom I had dreamed of my whole life. CaliCan was unparalleled in their guidance of my adopting a new dog, and also it being my first time adopting a dog in general. They worked extra hard to make sure Sookie and I were the perfect fit, and they were right, we are 2 peas in a pod. The difference with adopting from a larger organism such as the SPCA is that CaliCan strives for the BEST FIT, for both your family and the dog they've rescued, provinding guidance and support along the way. In February of 2013, I adopted Butters from CaliCan also, a tiny white 6 lb chihuahua-dachshund mix, more the likes of a mexican jumping bean! Since then,


Sookie and him have been the best of friends, and the 3 of us make up the perfect little family. Since then, I've returned with my 2 pups back to my native New-Brunswick, where the 2 of them are constantly being spoiled by their grandparents, with whom we live. They're both lively, love to play outside or take naps on the many fluffy blankets we have on the sofas. I'd say that this is the ultimate success story! And if I had the room and the means, I'd get 4 more CaliCan pups! I gush about this fabulous organization to everyone I know, and am one of their biggest supporters!